Raising Godly Men

The world needs men who will stand up and take their place. These are men who will take up their God-given mandate as servant leaders and be examples of Christ-likeness in every aspect of life. Such men who will not shy away from responsibility; will father their children in Godly principles, and give direction to the up-coming generation. That is what Mandate, the men’s network of Nairobi Lighthouse Church, is about.

Designed with today’s man in mind, Mandate seeks to connect and build up real men who are fully functioning in their God-given place. We believe in upholding the standards and building our lives by the values revealed in God’s Word. Moreover, we believe that God has given every man a special mandate to worship Him, to be a witness, and to display the heart of the Father to all.

In Mandate, expect to be challenged, to grow, and to enjoy your journey toward fulfilling your own mandate with God!

Cell Groups

Our men’s cell groups make up the Mandate network. They bring together men from all walks of life. In cell groups, men share practical truths and applications to life, challenge each other in daily Godly living, experience powerful mentoring and face life together. If you’re not yet connected to one, we can help find a group near you! 


At different times during the year, the Mandate network holds events and activities that are only for men. These events provide a forum for men to interact on a professional and social level, and through this interaction, demonstrate the love of Christ to others. Take advantage of these opportunities to connect.